Mandate between

Mr and Mrs …….

Hereinafter referred to as ‘the Client'


Cognac Property Services , Address: 9, Rue de Gondeville, 16720 St Meme les Carrieres, France Carte professionnelle N° TP125, delivered by the Prefecture of Angouleme, Charente .

Hereinafter referred to as ‘the Agent'

BY WHICH IT IS AGREED as follows :
With this mandate the Client charges the Agent to seek properties meeting the characteristics defined below for the Client to acquire:

Type of property:

Other characteristics:

This mandate is granted for a four (4) months duration and shall commence on the date of signature hereof. After this duration the mandate will be tacitly renewed for a period of four (4) months unless a fifteen (15) days prior written notice has been addressed to the Agent. After a period of two (2) years, this mandate will automatically expire.

The Client authorizes the Agent to fulfil all the necessary formalities on his behalf .

Obligations of the Client:
The Client accepts that the properties suggested and visited remain strictly confidential. The Client further accepts that, throughout mandate and for twelve (12) months, it is prohibited to subsequently attempt to purchase directly with the seller and that if this obligation is not respected the Client will commit to paying the Agent a compensation allowance equal to the amount of remuneration that was envisaged.

A consultancy fee of 500 Euros is payable in advance. By making the payment of this fee the Client agrees to appoint the Agent as property consultant on its behalf. This fee is fully refundable against the commission and is levied to ensure that the Agent works only with clients fully committed to the idea of purchasing property.

The commission is 2.85% + tva of the purchase price of your property, including the agency fees (subject to a minimum of 3,500 Euros). This commission is payable at the signing of the 'Compromis de Vente'.

If the final sales contract is not concluded despite all the necessary efforts undertaken by the Agent, the Agent is entitled to ask for damages from the Client as compensation for the diligences he made in achieving the sale. The amount of damages will be equal to the amount of the commission the Agent would have received if the final sales contract would have been signed.

Travel and general expense disbursements are included in the above fees. Airport pick-up and accommodation will be quoted separately and in advance.

French tva of 19.6% will be added to all invoices.

Limitation of liability:
The Agent accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any description given by the real estate agencies or the state of repair of the property.  

The Agent advises the Client have these independently checked and will recommend English speaking surveyors and English speaking Notaires in the area if required.

The Client, in turn, agrees to seek the appropriate professional advice, satisfy himself as to legal title and planning permissions and generally indemnify the Agent against any other misdescriptions.

Applicable law:
This mandate is governed by the laws of France.



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